All Saints CofE Primary School, Kingsthorpe, Northampton


This page provides (below) downloadable details of how we support the curriculum at our school.

We follow the new National Curriculum and an overview of this is included in the documents  below.

Maths is planned to achieve the expected outcomes for each year group as outlined in the new curriculum and currently we do not follow a particular maths scheme.

Our English curriculum overview sheet gives details of our Phonics and Reading Schemes and how reading and writing are taught. No particular scheme is used for English delivery overall and like maths, work is planned to meet the age related outcomes within the new curriculum.

Music in Key Stage 2 is currently taught by our Music specialist and the curriculum for Music, RE and French are also included within the Curriculum area of the website.

In PE we are trialling the REAL PE curriculum across the school, and again planning is based on achieving the age related outcomes of the new curriculum.

For the majority of the other subjects including Science we have adopted a largely thematic approach supported by the Dimensions Curriculum and the overviews for each year group are included further in the this section.

If you require any further detail or have any further questions about our curriculum please contact the appropriate Phase Leader and arrange an appointment via Mrs Hill in the school office.

We are currently in the process of changing our assessments to be in line with the expectations of the new curriculum and are using an assessment system called ‘O’ Track, supported by Focus Education’s Key assessment Criteria. Further details and parent information opportunities will be available in the autumn term.